The Dead Hard Drive Scenario : Data Loss And Data Recovery

The Dead Hard Drive Scenario : Data Loss And Data Recovery

A hard drive is used as a spare device for additional storage and keeps a backup of your important files. However, like all other electronic devices, a hard drive can die for “X” reasons, leaving your crucial information vulnerable at any time. A hard drive is considered dead when it becomes unresponsive and begins to squeal. You will also see error messages constantly appearing. PC responses and operation are delayed, which at worst renders all Data Recovery stored on the disk inaccessible.

There are basically two reasons why the hard drive freezes: logical failure and mechanical failure. The logical failure is due to virus attack, corrupted files or any negligence on the part of the person operating it. This type of failure is caused by errors occurring in the software. Mechanical failure, on the other hand, is due to disk wear and regular use. This type of failure is mainly caused by faulty or broken parts of the hard drive.

Data loss and recovery :

Regardless of the type of outage, losing your valuable information can be very stressful. To remedy this, here is a list of technician tested and proven steps to Data Recovery successfully.

Connect the dead disk to your PC or laptop via a regular USB cable.
Check whether the hard disk contents are visible or not. If the disk appears empty, you may need to use data recovery software.

The software will perform a quick scan to find all the lost data and give a preview on the screen.
Preview the data and select the files you lost back then and now want to recover.
After selecting the files, just choose the ‘recovery’ option and save them to a safe location on your PC or laptop.

Note: The number of steps may vary slightly from software to software, but the end result will get you the whole Facebook data back. Also, remember that no data recovery software can restore lost files to their original state. The files will not be in the same folders and the file names will be changed. It will surely take some extra effort on your part after the recovery process.