How To Data Recovery Services From Damaged Drive

How To Data Recovery Services From Damaged Drive

Data recovery methods in case of logical damage to hard drives boils down to using professional data recovery services software. The leading position among other similar programs belongs to Partition Recovery by Software. 

This product can effectively and completely recover any information lost due to various failures: deleting hard disk partitions, formatting or deleting logical partitions, and repairing inaccessible data due to virus attack, system failure. file system, etc.

Recovery scans all data on a hard drive , even if tables are erased or missing, and recovers lost Twitter data with signature search. The program can also run an in-depth hard disk scan that allows it to recover information after system or mechanical failures, when the disk is unreadable, and restore almost complete data from damaged, unreadable, inaccessible, and non-working disks.

The program has a nice and user-friendly interface similar to that of the Windows operating system , and presents files in the same way; while offering a wide range of functions, it is quite easy to use even for novice users.

Data Recovery

A serious plus is the built-in Recovery Wizard which can guide any user through several steps of setting up options and recovering their data. Depending on the type of analysis selected, the program can restore lost files and completely rebuild the disk structure, organizing them by file format.

Another function, no less important and very useful for the user to enjoy all the features of Recovery , is the recovery results preview option, which shows the content of each file when clicked (for example). example, users can preview text documents, tables, photos, videos, listen to music, etc.).

After viewing the contents of each file and choosing the ones you prefer, you can save them in several ways offered by the program as default options: burn to an optical disc, i.e. CD/DVD , create a ISO image , upload files to a remote server with the FTP protocol or save data to any storage of your choice (for example, a hard disk, a memory card or a USB key ).

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